Men Who Cross Their Legs: Are They Telling Us Something?

Ladies usually cross their legs with one leg draped over the other.

Like Ms. Pippa-Show-Off-Middleton here.
Females sometimes rest an ankle on top of the opposite thigh while sitting in a chair, like the redhead below, but, in my opinion, this is more often observed with males. 
Is there anything different between males that sit like this...

and males that sit like those below?  Is it more common to see the draped look with...

Political types like, ahem, Mr. Weiner here,

artsy types like Mr. Paquito D'Rivera

or suave types that sit in very large wicker chairs?

 I know what you're thinking.

Who cares?

Me. I care about trivial things that have no lasting impact on anything or anyone. It really is unfortunate and I realize that.

Does the way a male chooses to cross his legs say anything about that male?  Is he sending out a nonverbal message of some sort?  Is he subconsciously saying he is a confident and successful male and that crossing his legs in the traditional womanly way does not take away from his manhood in the least?  That he can crush you with his pinky if he wanted?

"So, uh, why do you cross your legs like that President Obama? Can I call you "O"? Heh, heh, heh. Do you think you are a Barackstar or something? Heh, heh, heh. OH, by the way, before I forget, can you get me some iced tea? We like iced cold tea down in Texas with lemon and lots of sugar. I am parched. We'll get back to what you were talking 'bout, but, first, can you answer that question?  Do you think you're better than me or something?"

"W, could you focus? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are talking about how I attained what yoooooou nevercould: Osama's death. Remember? And, no, you cannot have iced tea right now. IIIIIIIIII don'twanttgetup. I am just too comfortable sitting with one leg draped over the other.  Also, my staff doesn't want to be bothered with your constant tea requests.  Furthermore, you cannot call me "O". That is asinine.  IIIIIIIIf you donotfocus, IIIIII will take that flower arrangement on the coffee table aaaaaaand dump it onyourhead.  Thiiiiiis is something I am preparedto do aaaaaaand very tempted to do aswell."

What do you think?

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44 comments: said... [Reply]

I sit more in the "manly" fashion. My legs are too short to sit more femininely.

I notice stuff like this, too, so you're not weird...although I am.

And, honestly, I don't know why guys sit like women. Heh.

kmcaffee said... [Reply]

I think it means they have to pee....

Kimberly said... [Reply]

Only you Kelley...hahah!

Annabelle said... [Reply]

I am facinated by the male package. I check them out all the time. I wonder what it would be like to have all that going on down there.

What's my collection of info, research and data told me?

That a man that crosses his legs in an area orginiation in the upper thigh zone is either

a- more flexible than the average man

b- less endowed than the average man

c- not sporting any prostate issues, unlike the average man

d- all of the above

And that's what I think about that.

Annabelle said... [Reply]


'origination' NOT a word.

Originating is what I meant to say.
Why must coworker interupt me? Don't they know THIS is way more important than their silly little deadlines?

cssolomon said... [Reply]

LMAO! Love the dialogue - very life like :) It's true, they LOVE ice cold sugary tea down in TX and in OK...I always thought crossing your legs like a girl (for a man) would hurt the family jewels? Yay or Nay? Obviously some work around it??

Amanda said... [Reply]

My husband sits criss cross applesauce sometimes and I put a lot of energy into trying not to think about what it means....

Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness said... [Reply]

LOVE the presidential conversation! You captured their personalities perfectly! Sweet way to start my day :)

I'll be chuckling about it all the psychiatrists office, and the pharmacy, and when I pick up my mother from the airport...yep, people are gonna think I'm certifiable and it's all your fault!

Mandi Miller said... [Reply]

Hahaha! Cracked me up!! I don't know why men sometimes sit like ladies! However, right about now, I would like to dump the flower pot on BOTH of their heads!

Ali - My Suitcase Full of Tricks said... [Reply]

I have a problem with this same issue because my son sits with his legs crossed like that and it totally creeps me out. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices. AND YES, I'm putting a stop to the Weiner sitting.

Shelly said... [Reply]

Oh, this made me laugh. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices the minutia of life.

Oilfield Trash said... [Reply]

There is a reason this man does not sit like that. I will leave it to your imagination as to why. lol

Logical Libby said... [Reply]

I had never thought about it. Now I can't stop noticing it.

hilljean said... [Reply]

So true! I am bothered when guys drape their legs. I think it looks super feminine. And I was dying as I read the presidential conversation. Looooove it!

The Sweetest said... [Reply]

So funny to see the pic of Obama and W because as I was reading this, I was thinking about how much I like it when a man crosses his legs. I think it is a sign of relaxed confidence, as opposed to the ankle up on the leg which gives the appearance that he is on the defensive.

Lady Estrogen said... [Reply]

Awe crap - I haven't been able to cross my legs since I was 12. They call me stumpy for a reason. LOL

I think it's all about the physique of a man - I don't mind the way Obama sits - my dad sits that way as well, but it's because he's got a 34' inseam. *sigh*

Debbie said... [Reply]

Not sure what I think about leg crossing., but I LOVE "O's" conversation with the indications of how he runs things together. Very funny!!

Shell said... [Reply]

It drives my husband crazy to see men with their legs crossed all the way. He says they don't have... um, yeah. Okay, you get it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said... [Reply]

I doubt there's any correlation between manhood and leg-crossing style.

Just the same, I keep my knee abducted (like Bush, above) whenever I cross in public.

There may be a lady watching!

Anna said... [Reply]

thanks to this post i will never be able to look at my fellow passengers on the subway the same way again. i will only see a series of legs crossed, uncrossed, sorta crossed... and ponder what it all means.

Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said... [Reply]

I don't think I have ever thought about this longer than to say, "Really? Why is that guy sitting that way? Feminine much?" to myself and laugh a little inside.

You're onto something, Kelley.

The Empress said... [Reply]

You know, I'm just not drawn to men who cross their legs NOT at the ankle.

Just letting you know.

So, your husband's safe with me.

Off to your post now, LOVE how they challenge you over there.


Lazarus said... [Reply]

Men who cross their legs like that are looked at suspiciously by other men...but it's an astute observation KKelley!

Lazarus said... [Reply]

Men who cross their legs like that are looked at suspiciously by other men...but it's an astute observation KKelley!

Yvonne said... [Reply]

Hahahahaha! I've often wondered the same thing about me and their cross legs! ;) You are so funny!!!

Jessica said... [Reply]

My husband never crosses his legs like a girl. He also says no real man should ever do it.

I'm wondering if that conversation between Obama and Bush was recorded for the whole world or just for you...

SoMo Mom said... [Reply]

Wow, this is sort of a "Deep Thoughts" thing ... I don't have any good answers but I like Annabelle's comment about being less-endowed. HA! My son's little 4th grade friend (who I'm pretty sure is mafia) always crosses his legs. To me it screams confidence...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said... [Reply]

You know....I have never even thought about it before!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said... [Reply]

Depends on the guy... sometimes I don't notice and sometimes, like in the first guy picture with the cell phone, I think, "Ew, feminine!"

The Random Blogette said... [Reply]

"Do you think you are a Barackstar or something?" I about fell off my chair! I love it!

My husband doesn't cross his legs like a girl, heck he rarely ever crosses his legs. He says he needs the air for this "friends' to breathe. Gag! He also yells at my son when he crosses his legs like a girl. I don't get it. I would just think that it would be uncomfortable for the guy since things would get squished.

Now me, I just prefer sitting Indian Style or Criss-Cross Applesauce. However you like to say it! =)

Sparkling said... [Reply]

I had never thought of it before, but yes, it says a lot about the man. The man who crosses his legs like a lady, tends to act like a lady. Not manly and aggressive, in my experience. It makes me think of some of my students, boys, who cross their legs and I realize that the boys who cross them ladylike are what we would call nerds. They tend to be oblivious, just swinging those crossed legs like it's no biggie. The MANLY boys push out their chairs at their table and they cross them more open like and there is definitely no swinging.

I hadn't really ever contemplated this before but I now realize that when I've seen a man cross his legs like a lady, I've had subconscious thoughts that something is off. Now I know what it is!

Thankfully, I know k-ster would never sit with his legs crossed like a lady. He's MANLY.

Monkey Man said... [Reply]

Generally speaking crossed legs mean a closed mind or disinterest...except in the case of women who must cross their legs because they wear dresses. Wish I could be more funny and sarcastic, but I just can't bring it today.

Mom of 12 said... [Reply]

I've never thought much about this sort of thing...guess I've lost too many brain cells having all these babies!

Julie said... [Reply]

My husband is going to think I'm a freak now when he comes home from work and I follow him around the house waiting for him to sit.

I think he keeps his legs apart.


The Flying Chalupa said... [Reply]

This post is grade-a Breakroom right here. Me likey a lot. Seriously - how men cross their legs IS a burning questions. (love the photo of Weiner)

And I never fully congratulated you on Parents Connect (partly because I live under a rock and never knew) - so CONGRATS! What a score.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@Ali - My Suitcase Full of TricksYou are the sick one. Let your son live without your damaging and limiting bias. Women didn't invent nor do they own the right to judge and tell anyone how they should sit. What a completely stupid subject. A woman can do anything, but let a man simply cross his legs and it "creeps you out". And you say this about your very own son. Guys just want to breath and live comfortably too. Sorry if this seems harsh, but it takes all kinds to make this world and how a man should be able to cross his legs (His legs) any way that he wishes without fear of "creeping" anyone out for god sakes.

Anonymous said... [Reply],r:14,s:0,i:193&tx=132&ty=26

Your argument is invalid

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I don't know about other men but I don't cross them in the feminine way because it hurts slightly. And yes, it hurts in the way you think it does and for the reason you think it does. BTW, I don't know why, but I think a woman crossing her legs is the most attractive pose a woman can strike. Maybe because, unconsciously, I think it's the least threatening. That word isn't exactly what I mean. Aggressive, provocative.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Proper male etiquette is actually to cross their legs one knee over the other. This is actually not the "proper" way for a woman to sit believe it or not. The appropriate way for a woman to sit is to have her knees together with feet to one side.

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