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In May 2011, I wrote this tweet about Tears for Fears:

“Know what Tears for Fears?  Everybody DOESN’T want to rule the world, so quit acting like you know everything.” 

By coincidence, an editor for Nickelodeon had a friend that had written a tweet about Tears for Fears.  She read her friend’s tweet & then did a search for other Tears for Fears tweets and saw mine.  She eventually contacted me and asked if I would like to write for them!  I then begin writing for ParentsConnect and wrote these posts below:

13 Baby Names You Might Want To Be Careful Of, 6.20.11
Car Names That Make Great Baby Names, 6.27.11

Pirate Baby Names, 7.5.11
I now primarily write for NickMom. The collection of my posts over there can be found HERE. There are LOTS and LOTS of funny posts over there by some awesome writers. I promise you’ll laugh! 


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