Give The Gift Of SNOPES! has not hired me yet.  I am hoping that my days behind a big executive desk in the their headquarters is just around the corner.  Once I get settled with all of my various bobbleheads on the desk, I will get right to work on my new campaign to get more people to check their site.  By more people, I mean ladies over 50 and an occasional gullible male of any age.  As most of you likely know, Snopes closely examines urban legends passed around on the Internet, researches them and determines if they are true or false.  Let's check to see how badly you need Scopes in your life.  Do you think these urban legends are true?

When I get my new job, the only
bobblehead I'm keeping from
this bunch is Meredith.  Anyone
want Pam or Kevin?

I'll give you a second to answer.  Okay, the second is up.  Are they true?  SNOPE, they are all FALSE!  As hard as this might be for your aunt to believe, these just are not true.  These crazy legends wouldn't flood our e-mail inboxes if someone just before us had checked it first with Snopey.  So, in an effort to increase awareness of lying e-mail writers and gain a lucrative position at Snopes, I have taken it upon myself to develop a line of gifts for your mother, aunt, great aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law, cousin and next door neighbor just in time for Mother's Day.

The idea is that we get the message out to the ladies in our lives in as many ways as possible:

When they get dressed...

When they are at the computer...

When they are bathing...

When they are watching TV...

When they are driving...
When they are skiing...

There are more products being developed as we speak.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  I think we can defeat the spreading of the urban legends but only IF WE WORK TOGETHER! 

Buy her a gift today!


AMo said... [Reply]

Oh. Em. Gee. I am seriously considering buying this tshirt for my Mother-in-law. She is the queen of forwarding warnings of any kind. Some I get- OK you want to help out a kidnapped child, etc. But then she'll send a "DON'T EAT RICE KRISPIES, THEY ARE ACTUALLY MADE OF REAL LIVE LICE" type of forward. This could possibly be the best Mother's Day gift of all time.

Oilfield Trash said... [Reply]

Those are great ideas.

Kristina P. said... [Reply]

YES!!! Thank you! I love hitting the Snopes FORWARD button to all the people who send me stupid emails.

Poppy said... [Reply]

I would like to set this post as an auto reply to just certain people. Mainly my HUSBAND. I rarely even read what he sends to me and he gets so offended, but I swear he is more gullible than an 80 year old woman. Now don't go emailing him telling him you're from Nigeria.

Elvira said... [Reply]

Oh if ONLY I could send this to my well meaning but utterly clueless Mother In Law....humm. maybe the t-shirt tho!
P.S. I love Eloise too!

Colleen said... [Reply]

Amen, sistah!! I'd like to send a few of those to my darling sister....she drives me crazy with those forwards. (Not that I ever actually read them... just delete, delete, delete.)

laughingmom said... [Reply]

A little worried about granny trying to use the INTRANET while driving...not sure about this one - could cause some major litigation!

Breann said... [Reply]

WAIT. there isn't a man hiding under my car to cut my achilles heel and rob/murder me?
There isn't a person in the mall trying to make sure I sniff thier perfume they can rob/murder me?
There isn't a gang waiting on me to flash my headlights at them so they can rob/murder me?
Basically - no one has a crazy scheme to rob/murder me?
*whew* I can delete those WARNING YOU ARE GONNA DIE emails now.

Lightning Bug's Butt said... [Reply]

Those are all cute. You know, I always mean to check out Snopes, but never do.

the mrs said... [Reply]

I need all of those products to give to my grandmother so she can remember to read snopes and quit it with those e-mails about people hiding under my car and in my dryer barrel.

Vic said... [Reply]

I'm not most....i had no idea what the hell this was.....LOL I'm a dweeb:)

Not Just Another Jennifer said... [Reply]

I must, MUST buy all of these for my parents.

XLMIC said... [Reply]

Hey! That VICKS thing really works! Really... it DOES!

kmcaffee said... [Reply]

Please send this to my MOM! Also, can you please include "Tamboreen" on your list of "een" names? Not. even. kidding.

Susan in the Boonies said... [Reply]

I'm over 50.

I check Snopes.


Monkey Man said... [Reply]

Wow! I can't wait to gouge my eyes out and poke holes in my eardrums. Yes...this was that interesting. But for some sick reason I keep coming back for more.

Oddyoddyo13 said... [Reply]

YES! I've never heard of that website, but now you've got me excited about it, which shows how good you are at advertising. :)

Sarah said... [Reply]

I have a great aunt who definitely needs the Snopes on a Rope... and possibly a TATTOO on her forward button clicking index finger!!!

Yvonne said... [Reply]

haha, Snopes on a Rope! I'm telling my friend about this She's 50 something and is a SNOPES believer!!! ;)

Christa said... [Reply]

I loved this post. I'd comment more, but I'm off to check my email. There is an African prince who is supposed to deposit a million dollars in my bank account soon. Talk to you later!

Melinda said... [Reply]

I need a few t-shirts in size Extra Naive and a pre-written email explaining how SNOPES works for a few people. Love the bobbleheads! said... [Reply]

Wow, I was a sucker for all of those statements until I got to the last one. (Terrorists can't be that bright. UPS uniforms are hot.)
I love your pics, especially the ski lift.

Megan (Best of Fates) said... [Reply]

First of all, I am officially starting my bobble head collection today.

Thank you.

Second, it drives me crazy whenever anyone sends me those chain emails but that's nothing like the annoyance when it's a myth that's been busted by snopes! I'm like, really, you didn't check that first before trusting that one guy who married your twice removed aunt and apparently thinks doctors are the devil?

I am a huge supporter of all Snopes-related merchandise, is what I'm saying.

And that I'm crazy.

But that's what I'm always saying.

Muay Thai Los Angeles said... [Reply]

Before you go to church to catch a glimpse of the pope, check out Snopes! I think that's pretty catchy.

Cheeseboy said... [Reply]

If I order now, will it be here by Mother's Day?

Logical Libby said... [Reply]

I have stopped telling people about snopes when they send me internet hoaxes (cough, cough, my Mom). I figure if they don't know better by now, they never will.

Desperate Housemommy said... [Reply]

Snopes on a rope? SNOLD.

Uh...that would be SOLD.

Lazarus said... [Reply]

I don't see how Snopes could possibly refuse to hire you KKell, those were some great slogans you came up with. At the very least, Bill Gates should send you to Disneyland to reward your creativity!

Jen said... [Reply]

I feel like the whole point of this post was so you could brag about owning a BMW.

Jen said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said... [Reply]

Oh, and my bmw comment was supposed to be a hilarious joke...soooo...commence laughter. NOW.

MarytheKay said... [Reply]

Once, again, here I am giggling. I think you've got a real winner with Snopes on a Rope! Genius!!!

Miranda said... [Reply]

This is freaking hilarious!!!! Totally spot on. My M.I.L...whom I love very very much...sends me forwards ALL OF THE TIME. She won't read my blog because she says that she doesn't understand all of the Facebook stuff (it has nothing in common with FB) but she insists on sending me tons of forwards. She sent me on the other day about how one mother fed her son pancakes from expired flour and the spores from the yeast almost killed him. I'm a pastry chef. There is no yeast in pancakes. Bless her heart. I'm sending this to her for sure!!!

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