You like museums, right? And juice?


Today marks a new day for Kelley’s Break Room.  I have recently entered into a partnership with Juice in the City, which is a unique deals site supporting local businesses and mothers.  The deal for today, which will expire by midnight TONIGHT or after the 147 available are gone, is for discount admission to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  For only $15 (instead of $43!), you gain an adult AND a child admission as well as entrance to their newest exhibit “Texas!  The Exhibit”. 
You’re right, we’re proud!  We beat Santy Anna & his meeyin!
I know many of my readers live very, very, very far away from Houston.  For those that don’t live close, I encourage you to check out their website or find them on FacebookAlso?  Get on a plane and make the trip down here, for goodness sakes.  You will be saving on admission to the museum, so you will have plenty of money to pay for airfare.  Let me know when you’re coming and I’ll pack us a picnic lunch.  How ’bout it?  I’ll even pay for your ticket to ride the little train that goes all around Hermann Park right outside of the museum (see if you can hold your breath in the tunnel!), meanders by the zoo and past a few homeless people sleeping under the trees.  For no extra charge, I’ll let one of my cute sons sit next to you.  My husband stays next to me, you got it, cousin?  We can even end the day letting butterflies land on our noses in the Cockrell Butterfly Center (“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  That tickles!!!!” is what I’ll hear over and over from you.  Keep it down!), pretending that gnarly T-Rex is eating our face right off during the showing of Earth’s Wild Ride in the Planetarium OR being entertained by the Morgan Freeman-narrated 3D IMAX movie, Born to be Wild. We’ll be there so late, we might even try to pitch a tent out on the front lawn so we can be first in line for the nearby zoo the next day.  You know I know all about camping, right?

So, what are you waitin’ fer? It’s a great deal, right?  Push the button below to get yours:

Take me to the Juice In The City site so I can buy my REALLY CHEAP tickets to The Houston Museum of Natural Science.
On a personal blog related note, if you want to play Captcha Balderdash, go HERE. We are taking entries until 5:00 tonight. The winner will be picked by the winner of last month’s game and will be announced tomorrow via featuring that person here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


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