Today We Salute You…Ms. Nurse-At-A-Doctor’s-Office


Kelley’s Break Room presents…
“Real Women of Genius”
Real women of geeeeeeeeeeniiiiiiuuuuuuuuus!!!
Today we salute YOU, Ms. Nurse-At-The-Doctor’s-Office.
Ms. Nurse-At-The-Doctor’s-Ahhhhh-haaaaaaaaaafice!!!
This is the third office you have worked in this year and you have come to the realization that they are all the same.  It doesn’t matter what your office specializes in- boobs, babies or bunions-  you know now that your daily duties will involve a wholeheckuvalotta weight and pee samples.   Weight and pee.  Weight and pee.  Weight and pee.  Weight and pee.  You remember your parents encouraged you to “wait and see” what the future held.  If you had only known that you had to wait and see so much weight and pee, you might have followed your dream to become a part of that traveling acrobatic mariachi band. 


You do your best to give a little understanding smile to the lady who asks if she can take off her shoes before stepping on the scale.  You have heard that plea before.  And the comments about how her scale is different at home.  You’ve heard that one, too.  But you don’t say anything.  You just quickly…and so matter-of-factly that it hurts…slide that little metal pointy thing backandforthbackandforth until it hovers on that blasted number that you can immediately tell we don’t like.  You write it down anyway.
Somebody get her some whi-high-ite out!!

As if dealing with the weight issue wasn’t enough, you take our blood pressure while listening to all of our questions(what’sanormalnumber? Isthatagoodnumber?  Isthathigh?  Isthattoolow? Isn’ttheweathergreat?  Canyoubelievethisweather?  Ican’twaituntilitgetswarmoutsidecanyou?) and then you’ve got to get us to pee in a cup.  You tell us the instructions in 3 seconds and we are left sitting there wondering if you told us to pee in our purse and bring it all to the front desk when we’re done.  But it’s not your fault.  You are saving lives.


We know the list of responsibilities you have for our benefit are endless and they all somehow relate to our life being saved or improved.  So, crack open a new package of Dixie Cups and know that you are the real reason we even go see the doctor at all.  I mean, you practically are the doctor, right?

Ms. Nurse-At-A-Doctor’s-Office!!!!!!!!!!!

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