Ewok ‘n Roll!


Joann of the awesome blog, “Laundry Hurts My Feelings”, dreamed about me.   She wanted my help in interpreting it and since I just got into the dream interpretation business, I thought it was entirely appropriate for me to give it a shot.
The Dream…

So, I had to come over here, even though I’m on a blog break, to tell you I had my first dream about another blogger last night and it was you! You had a band called, Kelley’s Break Room, of course. And no one knew you were a rock star on the side. You hid this fact very well from the rest of the blog world. I discovered your rock star status when I went to a Kings of Leon concert and you were the opening act.

Performing “Ewok This Way” to a sold out crowd on the planet of Endor.

 I am LOVING this dream already. I mean, who wouldn’t think I was a rock star?  Check me flashing the “pace” sign over on the right, ‘mmmkay?  Rock star to the core.  I was actually once the lead guitarist in the Ewok ‘n Roll Cover Band, “Def Leia”.  It was fitting because of my outfit, of course, but also because of my hearing loss.  The Ewok on the drums, Ewokky Balboa, came up with the idea.  Such a funny guy, but a little annoying, too.  He just wanted to play “Eye of the Tiger” over and over.  Unfortunately, the band split up.  Ewokky said something about wanting to train to fight a really big Russian.  I’m not sure what that was all about.  Anyway, I am thinking about trying to join Kings of Leon. How crazy that you sensed that in your dream!  I actually wrote my own version of one of their songs and called it “Steak On Fire” (click here).  

Afterwards, I went backstage and admired your white pants with appliqued flowers on them. I asked you to give them to me, which you did very obligingly. You had an extra pair of jeans with you, I guess.

Ewoks should, like, totally wear some pants.

 That is so funny because I always carry around an extra pair of pants with me!  If there is one thing I hate, it’s walking around like a pantless Ewok.  The other day I was at a garage sale stocking up on dusty knick knacks for the inside of my refrigerator when this lady said she just loved my BLACK appliqued flowery pants!  Man, you were SO CLOSE.  I stripped those things off, tossed them to her with a broad smile on my face and slipped into the jeans I had stuffed in my fanny pack in seconds.

The next thing I know, we were in Geometry class together and you immediately started dissecting triangles and measuring their angles and I was like, “Whoa, this is too much for me”. Which is the only realistic part of the dream, by the way. And as you were busy dissecting triangles and I was just sitting there, overwhelmed by Math, the teacher handed out our grades in the class. You had an A. I had a 32, which of course, is a bigtime F.

This WAS a dream because I HATE Geometry. I always wanted to yell out, “I’LL SHOW YOU A THEOREM!!” or “PI THIS!!!!” while waving my fists in the air to my teacher but neither made any sense, so I kept to myself.  For some reason, I forced myself to take difficult math classes all throughout high school. Misery

I have no idea what any of this means, but I thought I’d share it with you since– A. You were the first blogger to appear in my dreams. And B. To see if you could make sense of any of this. And C. To see if you really do own those white pants, because they sure were super cute and I really would like to have them or at least borrow them.

I have no idea what any of it means, either, except that maybe you have a future in Egyptian pyramid building and should sharpen up your Geometry skills?  Also, I lied about the black appliqued flowery pants.  I know you were looking for white anyway.  I did wear white platform boots with that Princess Leia outfit.  Do you want to borrow those?  Thanks for sharing your dream with me.  I really loved it!  It made me laugh out loud.  Good luck in Egypt!!

Need any dream intepreting?
Just a few more hours before closing…

**My interview with The LG Report is still up on his site.  If you haven’t read it yet, click HERE.  You will laugh out loud.  I promise!  He’s quite the funny man.**


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