How Far Can YOU Take It Back??


Me in 1977.  Wasssssssuppp?!?!
My husband and I regularly discuss how far back we can remember.  I win, he loses.  He remembers playing in the snow when he was 5.  I can take it back farther than that, but you just hold your horses and I’ll tell you  more about that later.   We both remember Mister Roger’s Neigborhood, which we discussed in the Break Room a couple of days ago (which, BTW, was my most commented post EVER.  Let’s hear it for FREDRO!). We discuss our really, really dusty memories especially after we’ve done something to our children we hope they forget.  Nothing awful.  (Put the phone down, Earl!  CPS ain’t needed here!)  Things like…not speaking nicely to our two little boys (2 & 6) when they deserved better, throwing away the nice artwork they made and having them discover it covered in potato peelings a few hours later, etc.  The husband says, “Oh, they won’t remember anyway”.  This is when I bring up the fact that I have some early memories and that they just might!  Ahhhhh!!!!  AND I also JUST read this quote the other day:

“If we want to be in our children’s memories tomorrow, we need to be in their lives today” – Barbara Johnson

What if today I have to hold my two-year-old down like a wrestled calf to brush his teeth, for goodness sakes??  Will he remember that??  I only love that quote up there as long as it applies to the happy memories we are making all up in this household. 

So, in the spirit of making early childhood memories, we are playing “MEMORY” in the Break Room today.  Instead of turning over two little cards of a ball and a bird and crying uncontrollably that we haven’t found a match, we’re just going to share some of our EARLIEST memories. 

Here are mine:

#1: I remember playing with cash registers and being surrounded by baby beds at my daycare, so I’m thinking I was a baby.  Maybe 18 monthishishishish.  I was in daycare until I was 3.  After that, my parents let me roam the streets alone with live grenades, Roman candles and an automatic rifle.

#2: I remember having a load in my diaper and walking through the garage.  I know it was the garage because I distinctly remember being eye to eye with the top of the car tire.  Or maybe it was a truck tire.  I was wearing diapers.  They were dirty. Cut me some slack.

#3: I remember the day my sister, Lisa, was born.  I was 3 1/2, so this one isn’t as impressive.

SIDENOTE: My parents are absolutely awesome and I love them with all of my heart.  Just so you know, the rifle had a safety on it and I’m sure my diaper wasn’t dirty for long.  Maybe just a day or two.

Your turn!  Your turn!


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