Top 10 Things You Can Do With Fruitcake…Besides Eat It (of course)


Today I am putting on a little roadshow at Southern Momentum with my post “Top 10 Things You Can Do With Fruitcake… Besides Eat It”.  I do hope you’ll quickly pack your things and follow me over there. Several women contribute to the writing of Southern Momentum–women that know A LOT more than me about important stuff, like child-rearing, cooking, “going green”, etc. If you are a mom, you should definitely check it out! 

(Rest assured, none of the contributors to Southern Momentum are remotely like Lane’s mother in Better Off Dead over there on the right with her mobile green goo, except for me.  Man, I love that movie). 

If you are not a mom, still check out my Top 10 list up there, for goodness sakes (click here).  Everybody needs to join forces at least once during the holiday season and ridicule fruitcake, don’t you think?


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