A little Thanksgiving rap anyone?


During the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Gigi over at Kludgy Mom has been featuring Thanksgiving-related posts that were submitted by many of her readers.  All of the submissions were compiled into an e-book that can be found by clicking on that lovely picture on the left.   Initially, all of the posts were submitted with the idea that the best three would be picked to appear on her blog and the rest would be featured in the The Thanksgiving Table e-book.  Since there were so many great posts, Gigi found it very difficult, actually impossible, to pick only three, so all of the posts are being featured on her site in the order submitted.  Because I am such a procastinator, I was one of the last submissions.   I submitted a Thanksgiving rap.  The “on-air” date for my little ditty is not until December 3rd. 
Soooo…if you are in the dingdingdingduhduhdingding, dingdingdingduhduhdingding…Ice, Ice Baby mood NOW and want to hear some Thanksgiving lyrics to the tune of “Alright stop, collaborate and listen…”, click on the e-book above and turn to page 44 for some “Nice, Nice Gravy”.  Even if rhymes about Pilgrims aren’t your thang, you will definitely enjoy the fun stories and great recipes found within the pages of The Thanksgiving Table.


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