Presenting “The Queens of Leon” in “Steak on Fire”


Because I am obsessed with words, dialect and song lyrics, I am easily entertained when musicians say words in songs differently than they would in real life.  I always hope the musicians don’t actually SAY the words as they sing them.  If  I were to find out that Caleb Followill of “Kings of Leon” says “yowse” for “use” like in he does in the song “Use Somebody” in his every day speech, I may just have to take down his poster from above our living room mantle.  My husband has been absolutely insisting on that for a while now anyway.

Song lyric WIN: “You know that I could YOWSE somebody!”

Real life FAIL: “I really need to YOWSE the restroom.  Stop at the next Buc-cees!!”

As you might have guessed, I also love thinking of alternate song lyrics.  It’s ironic because I was more annoyed than entertained by Weird Al Yankovic back in the day.  Just like I couldn’t help but think of Di Giorno pizza every time I heard Katy Perry sing “California Girls” and wrote Yankovicish like song about it (click here), I am always hearing Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon sing about steak in their song “Sex on Fire”.  Apparently, the song was initially called “Set us on fire”.  It is actually true that those darling Followill brothers (and a cousin) were singing it with those lyrics when someone walked in and thought they were singing about that “s” word.  So, they changed it.  It appears to be all about the melody.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the words are as long as it goes with the melody.  So, in that case, perhaps they’ll consider asking me for lyrics next time.  Actually, I’d like to round up some female Followill cousins and make the band “Queens of Leon”.  They could sing all of my alternate lyrics.  Their first single will be:

and will go a little something like this…
Kids keep on playing, but don’t make any loud sounds
Was told this stinkin’ grill I must be watching, watching
I hope for a promotion, someone to pay
Dang it, this is a queen that is talking, talking!!!
Ohhhhhhh noooooooo, the steak is on fire!!!
I wanna eat a nice garden salad, want food that’s gourmet
To the grocery store you should be driving, be driving
Want drinks that are easy to open, I like ginger ale
You said my life would be easy, but you were lying, lying
And ohhhhhhhh noooooooo, the steak is on fire!!!
Where’s that cook you said you hired?
I ain’t Mrs. Seaver, I should be on a throne
Being brought cake just to taste it, taste it
Haven’t been treated like a queen in forever, especially not tonight
And that feeling’s not the greatest, the greatest, the greatest
And ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooo, the steak is on fire!!!!
Where’s that cook you said you hired?
And ohhhhhh, gonna run this steak over with my tires…

On second thought, I’ll just keep this idea between the two of us.


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