Five BIG, FAT lies and…the truth


Kimberly the Canadian (I added that last part) from All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something tagged me in the post I will call“Five BIG, FAT, LIES and…the truth”.  I have seen these floating around the internet like ghosts in your attic but have never participated in it.  Because I like Kimberly so much (her blog is a funny place- check it!), I’mma do this thang!   Remember to play close attention to ALL the words, class.  You are also just picking ONE that you think is TRUE.  Most of the stuff on this page is a FLAT-OUT, NO-GOOD LIE!!! 

The answer key will be provided on Friday. I will link the winners’ fun blogs then, too, as if you give a stinkin’ rat’s rear.

Which one is the TRUTH?

#1: My favorite female comedian is Ellen DeGeneres.

That man’s playing the harmonica with his nose, people!!

#2:  At a party in college, I tried to impress someone by lying and saying that I could play the heck out of a harmonica.  Within seconds, a harmonica was in my hand and I was surrounded by interested partygoers waiting for me to belt out some B.B. King tunes.  I faked that I was sick to avoid further humiliation.
#3: I do NOT like to impersonate Lily Tomlin characters, I WON’T drop everything if The Carol Burnett Show comes on TV (which, by the way, it never does) and would do a round-off, flip-flop topped off with “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” if I NEVER sawThe Mandrell Sisters on TV again.

#4: I have an extensive collection of mock turtlenecks.
#5: I know just about every word to every song of Warren G.’s 1994 album “G Funk Era”.
#6: I didn’t realize the Southern word combo “awallago”, as in “I just poured you that Coke awallago”, meant “a while ago” until 2008.  When Southerners use it, it really just means a few minutes ago, not “a while ago”, which adds even more to the confusion

Whatchu thank?
Are you callin’ me a liar?


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