Mountain Dew Frappucino


Good morning, JP! I am going to keep JP’s identity mysterious (though, obvious to some of you). SHE is my hearin’-ear-human and I value her friendship immensely. She is also one of my paid readers of this blog. I was chastised by her for not updating more frequently. I am updating, but it won’t be long. “Tie-you” (“Caillou”) only lasts 33 minutes on the DVR and it’s been on for a few already. There isn’t much going on around here, except that someone IS running a business inside this house. Do not report us to the IRS. I haven’t even met the person using our house as a business front. There is a Starbucks barista in this house somewhere. I know Landon and Austin are getting shots of espresso from an unknown source. They are CONSTANTLY in motion. Either there is a Starbucks or a vending machine which only dispenses Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew… I have never had a sip. The name makes me think of Mountain arm-pit sweat. If mountains had arm-pits, you’d wring them out and find that the liquid was Mountain Dew. There is probaby a mountain range with arms in China and that’s where the drink comes from. You know everything is made in China and…have you seen some of the mountains over there? Some of ’em just ain’t raht. Back to the Starbucks situation… The espresso-making may be happening in the guestroom closet. If I were to go check in there now, I could leave thinking she wasn’t in there making a morning frappucino for my dudes, when she is really in the corner under the wrapping paper heating milk like nobody’s business. Now that I am realy thinking about it, I do vaguely remember seeing steam coming from the corner the other day when I was looking for a gift bag. I was running late, as usual, and meant to investigate that further when I returned. She is probaly making them a Mountain Dew Frappucino. Wait ’til I find her. I’ll ask her to make me a petite/short/little-bit/dainty one (are one of those before Tall, Grande & This-thang’s-huge?) so I can keep up with the little stinkers…that I love dearly, of course. Dang it, I can tell Tie-you is about to wrap up. Before I conclude, let me just say that I am either going to stop this blog altogether or will make it private. If you’d like to read it here and there, let me know & I will add your e-mail to the “invitation list”.


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