True Wuv


I am not going to post everyday, but my main motivation for this site was to “remember” things that are happening in the lives of my precious boys. We went to the park today (wasn’t it a beautiful day in the neighborhood??) and Austin wanted to help Landon get out of his car seat. As he was unbuckling him, he said to Landon, “I wuv you Wandon”. He can say the /l/…it’s just not automatic yet. That just melted my heart. A melted heart. That is so gross (well, the ice heart isn’t so bad). Let me just say…I thought it was some of the sweetest words I have ever heard.

About this blog, I am on the fence about whether to keep with it or not. I was reading some other blogs and they are just so inspirational! I was talking about tartar sauce & Pepto-Bismol for goodness sake’s! Sigh… I guess it is just hard for me to go through a day and not have just the nuttiest image or thought come to mind…and not want to share it with some unfortunate soul.

WARNING: RANDOM (maybe I should preface my nonsense with that so you could just skip over it if at will…): The nutty thought for the day (okay, for a very small fraction of the day. There were others that I will spare you): In a lot of today’s hip-hop songs, there is a button, I am sure, that is pushed that makes this sound “heeeeey”. Let me find a link right quick. Stay right there. Okay, I linked the song “Replay” below so you can hear the “hey” I am talking about that occurs at 18 seconds & 59 seconds (and over and over again after that). I was wondering if there is a big dude in the back of the studio who has the main job of interjecting a “heeey” at just the right moment. The other option…there is a “heeeey” button that Mr. DJ pushes at just the right moment. If it is a button, is it the same “heeey” on all the songs that are crazy about the “hey”? If so, does the guy who originally recorded the “heeey” get any money each time a new hip-hop song has him “heeeey”ing all over the place? Okay, now that I’ve typed all of that out, I don’t care anymore.

I think the sweetest thing about that song is how the singer is telling his girl that she is like a gun to his “holsta”. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that, does it?

Last thing, I am on my way to the hospital now. I am getting my knuckles stitched due to the horrific cracking I am experiencing due to the weather. The only solution is to spread Crisco over my hands and keep it there all the live-long day. I know Chris would have a problem with a Crisco-covered keyboard, a Crisco-covered refrigerator handle and Crisco all up in the cordless phone, so…I am at a loss.

I am not lying. I found one more bottle of tartar sauce in the pantry today. The count is now to 6. I am going to be slathering pancakes with tartar sauce, adding it to lasagna and stirring it into oatmeal if I don’t get this under control.


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