Tears & Tartar Sauce


I decided to let Austin (5) watch “Where the Wild Things Are” today. I am thinking that was a mistake. It was pretty heavy for him, the poor little dude. It is pretty sad at the end when Max is leaving his monster friends, as these are the only creatures in his life that pay him much attention. I looked over to Austin to comment on how sad that was for little Max when I saw the pronounced frown and watery eyes coming from him. Don’t tell him I told you! That movie was sadder than I thought it would be…

Nothing will get you cleaning out your house quicker than a pack of hens coming over to visit. I am telling you. I am cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry today. It needs to be done. It looks like some elves had a party on all of the refrigerator shelves. They tore that place up. I bet all of those elves are in a rock band together. As I am cleaning it up, I am secretly wishing that most of the things were expired so I could make room for more bottles of tartar sauce. I must have an unhealthy fear of running out of tartar sauce. I must think that there is a fish fry around every corner. I have four, unexpired bottles of tartar sauce and most of them are opened. What a lazy bum! Instead of looking in the refrigerator to ensure that I don’t have tartar sauce, I must be thinking, “I ain’t got time for tartar-sauce huntin’! Pass me those fish sticks and that new bottle of tartar sauce RITE NAH-YOW!” Anyway, I am trying to clean the house up from the inside out, because you just never know who will peruse your pantry when you ain’t lookin’ and will go report it to someone that I’ve got a half-opened bag of old spaghetti on the shelf where baking supplies are supposed to go. My reputation would be finished.


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